Saratoga Announces New Luxury Office Designs for the American Dental Market

See why dentists are thrilled that Saratoga is bringing Italian design and innovation to the American dental office.

Italian design has long been held as the pinnacle of beauty, luxury and efficiency. From racing vehicles to tailored suits and home furnishings, discerning consumers choose Italian both to impress and gracefully perform. Saratoga S.p.A, a top designer and manufacturer of clinical office furniture is proud to announce a new line of dental office furnishings is available in America for the first time.

Who is Saratoga?

Saratoga was founded in 1973 to provide customized solutions to clinical offices, quickly distinguishing itself with new innovations in design, materials and finishing methods. In 2004, the Montereale Valcellina research center was established, providing additional insight and design inspiration for the company’s product lines, which fuse ergonomics, aseptic workflow and luxury. Saratoga currently exports products to more than 50 countries around the world, and in 2016 made its long-awaited entrance into the U. S. market.

A revolution in functional design.

Dentistry is consistently on the cutting edge of technological advancement, employing the latest in laser, imaging and materials technology. However, clinicians rarely consider how the layout and design of the basic office furniture pieces, can improve mental focus, hygiene and ergonomics.

The new Pininfarina line is an exclusive collaboration between Saratoga and luxury designer Paolo Pininfarina, CEO of Pininfarina Extra. This integrated system comprises equipment storage, instrument staging trays and sink(s). Pininfarina incorporates the latest hygienic solutions for the busy practitioner, including infrared sensors which activate hands-free water, soap, and disinfectant dispensation, and an additional sensor that automatically removes the cover from the equipment tray with a wave of a hand! Like all Saratoga designs, the Pininfarina line is specially designed with open curvature that is easy to sanitize, preventing accumulation of debris and biofilms.

Saratoga also boasts their Classic Line featuring the CB, CF and CS cabinet lines. The CB Line is the staple piece of Saratoga’s brand and is an exemplary example of ergonomic, modular and full floor design. The CF is an evolution of the CB Line: a modular range that rests on stainless steel feet adapting to the various needs of the modern professional. Lastly, the CS wall unit balances aesthetics and practicality, a beautiful design, giving the impression that the unit is floating on air.

Saratoga’s S_tray and S_elect lines are no less advanced in their functions. The S_tray is a compact, aesthetic and ambidextrous work and storage space, with an extensible countertop that helps clinicians maintain good posture to avoid injury. Specialized finish and handles ensure that no dirt or microorganisms are allowed to “hide” during routine cleaning, and the entire worktop can be raised or lowered for maximum comfort.

For mobile hygienic workspaces, the S_elect provides an easily-maneuverable mobile solution to improve workflow. The sturdy, stainless steel construction ensures a lifetime of heavy use, and Bonderite technology protects against corrosion from even the harshest cleaning solutions. The rolling cart can be customized with different trays, basins, and receptacles as well as electrical supply. S_elect keeps all the necessary material and equipment for each procedure in easy reach, and afterwards provides an efficient and hygienic solution to transfer contaminated material to the sterilization room.

For superior design, luxury aesthetics and intuitive functionality, the discerning dentist chooses Saratoga.

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