Ergonomic Hygiene

Saratoga’s experience has shown that the most ergonomic and thorough method of organising the process is based on the concept of a workflow which “keeps everything in view”:

-fixed units, specially designed to receive, support and assist with the operation of the equipment being used to perform the decontamination of reusable dental instruments, such as: large sinks, ultrasonic baths, thermo-disinfectors, pouch-sealers, autoclaves, screens, printers.
-separate units either integrated or adapted to the management of all types of waste generated by dental decontamination, disinfecting or washing of the hands, or the storage of instruments which require traceability.
– higher worktops for the ‘ standing ‘ position and accessorised with sliding shelves for optimisation of smaller spaces.
All this ‘decontamination’ cabinetry is made of materials resistant to bacterial growth: steel, stainless steel, synthetic hard-surface materials.

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