Wall Cabinets
Hygiene Modules

MDV 105
Designed to address the practical needs of professionals in the medical sector and bring a touch of creativity and design into a modern, functional working environment. The Saratoga MDV line of wall cabinets is elegant, spacious and harmonious and sheds new light into work environments. Such as the MDV 109 with its double liquid soap dispenser, electric or manual.
MDV 109
Mdv 109 with classic glass front and ample storage space thanks to two interior shelves.
When it comes to style and functionality, the Saratoga hygiene modules meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals.
The S_tylé line comprises different elements in terms of functionality and colour to create a customised space full of vitality and design. Imagination and rationality come together to form a flexible concept that satisfies different needs and personalities.
Create a unique style
through modular arrangements
Dental clinic / Wall Cabinets and Hygiene ModulesI moduli 972 e 974 sono specifici per guanti, salviette e maschere, il primo, e sapone, disinfettante e bicchieri, il secondo.
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